Catch A Guapote In Costa Rica!

Looking for some adventure? Experience fishing on a tropical freshwater lake, Lake Arenal in Costa Rica!

In Costa Rica there are 2 beautiful lakes in the northern zone, Lake Arenal and Lake Cotè. Lake Arenal is the largest of the two at approximately 25miles by 2miles stretching from the base of Arenal Volcano nearly all the way to Tenorio Volcano.

Nestled in the mountains above Lake Arenal, is a much smaller lake, Lake Cotè. Surrounded by lush forest on all sides this lake is as remote as you’ll get in the area. Preserved for migrating animals, much of the surrounding forest is a wilderness corridor.

Experience the best tropical freshwater fishing in Central America right here amongst the rain forest on Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. Cast your line to catch a Guapote, a member of the cychlid family also referred to as “rainbow bass” by expats. There is also a more sporting fish called the Machaca that likes to put up a fight. Mostly you’ll be encouraged to catch&release but a nice size guapote makes for a fine meal.

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